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Take care of yourself
By reservation, the best professionals in the region will come and hire you with their diverse and efficient services. All the oils used are 100% organic.

Types of massages

  • Relaxing massage

    Gentle massage which aims to release tension and balance energies to evacuate accumulated stress and regain vitality
  • Swedish massage

    Strong dynamic massage which aims to dissolve tension, tone and firm muscles and joints.
  • Ayurvedic masage

    Derived from traditional Indian medicine, it is a massage with relaxing properties that eliminates toxins from the body by draining them into the digestive tract.
  • Draining massage

    Gentle massage, the technique of which consists in applying slow and regular pressure on the whole body in order to restart circulation and to drain toxins. (also called "lymphatic drainage" because it stimulates the lymph)
  • Tuina massage

    Dynamic Chinese therapeutic massage. Tui means "to push" and Na "to grab". It is based on the armonization of energy (Qi) and the revitalization of the body.
  • Plant reflexology

    Massage and acupressure technique on all the feet. Ancient Chinese practice aimed at reducing stress and tension.
  • Personalized massage

    Massage that adapts to your needs. Certain areas of the body can be more targeted: skull, face, back, legs…


  • Massage 1 hour

  • Massage 1h30

  • Duo Massage 1 hour


The oils used

100% natural Corsican products. Sweet almond oil associated with essential oils from the maquis distilled in the village of Lumio: Clementine / Pine Lariccio / Myrthe / Immortelle, to choose for your massage according to your olfactory preferences and/or the virtues of each oil.