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Bars & Restaurant

The passion for taste and authenticity

The mindset

Highlighting our territory

Our ambition is to draw inspiration from the culinary traditions of the island and adapt them to our contemporary need to eat better for a healthier lifestyle.
The selected products, which are exclusively local, are grown and raised respecting nature and animals.

Having been awarded an eco-label in 2022, we are committed to using local produce from sustainable sources.

The restaurant is open 6 days a week.


Quality time space

We pay special attention to our breakfasts. We want them to be healthy with a variety of options.

Apart from the classical sweet and savory food in our buffet, you will find a selection of home-made food with probiotic qualities, aimed at boosting your organism (home-made kombuchas, lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables, sugar-free and lactose-free desserts, etc.)

Lunch & Dinner

Discovery time space

We have chosen a light, tasty and refined Mediterranean cuisine, focusing on high-quality fresh, seasonal products.

Our wine menu, carefully selected with the help of a sommelier, will allow you to discover the work of our winegrowers.

At lunch, light and fresh food to nourish you in utter simplicity.
At dinner, a daily selection of fish from our seas, meat from our mountains and organic vegetables from our garden patches.
There are options for vegetarians and vegans too.

The restaurant is open 6 days a week.

The aperitif

Convivial time space

A true tradition for us, whether it be had at the pool, in your room, at the table, on the terrace, on the trees...
It’s THE magical moment of the day, when our mountains are tinged at sunset with surreal red hues.

A hearty, regenerating moment suspended in time.

Our partners

Notre petit supplément d’âme

Grandfather’s vegetables, Fortuné’s cheeses, Olivier’s cold meats, Josepha’s canistrelli biscuits, Anna’s olive oil, aromatic herbs from the estate…

We personally know the producers, farmers, fishermen and breeders, “real” people, who are committed and brave, whose work we admire.

For those who wish to take home a taste of their holiday, some of the products we use daily are available at the hotel store.