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All our preparations are home-made and fresh

Marie suggests

  • Friday's menu

    • Ravioli with rocket, spinach and brousse (corsican cheese)

      with "immortelle" butter and roasted hazelnuts..

    • Beef fillet with Asian sauce

      trio of crispy carrots, sweet potato with black sesame.

    • or

    • Trio of crunchy carrots

      sweet potato with black sesame and Asian sauce.

    • Dulcey chocolate entremet on a hazelnut biscuit

      with a crunchy golden praline burst and caramelised hazelnut.

  • Saturday's menu

    • Scallops sautéed

      on a fennel-chestnut velouté

    • Or fennel and chesnut velouté

    • Prawns flambeed and parsleyed, linguine,

       linguine, tomato garlic sauce and maquis herbs.

    • or

    • Linguine with summer vegetables, red sauce.

    • Honey biscuit entremet,

      crunchy nougatine pine nuts, citron cream, roasted peaches and lemon cream - honey.

  • Sunday's menu

    • Mille-feuille with chard and mushrooms,

      in an oat cream sauce

    • Duck breast,

      parsley potatoes sautéed Sarladaise style, roasted vegetables and fruit and honey sauce.


    • or

    • Roasted vegetables and fruit (vegetarian)

      parsley potatoes sautéed Sarladaise style with honey sauce.

    • Dark chocolate ganache

      mango scoop, almond crisp and orange coulis.

  • Monday's menu

    • Wild mushroom tartlet on thyme shortbread

      jelly and cep crust.

    • Fillet of sea bream marinated in spices and lime

      sweet potato gnocchi, sautéed vegetables and spice emulsion.

    • or

    • sweet potato gnocchi and mixed vegetables.

    • Yellow fruit tiramisu

      chestnut liqueur and crunchy gavotte.


  • Wednesday's menu

    • Creamy terrine of brousse (Corsican fresh cheese), feta and fresh herbs

      courgettes and peppers with Mediterranean spices, served with baby greens and crunchy vegetables.

    • Lamb chops glazed with honey and spices,

      sautéed bulgur with sesame seeds, trio of courgettes, glazed carrots.

    • or

    • Sesame bulgur,

       trio of courgettes, glazed carrots and sautéed baby vegetables.

    • Roasted apple mille feuilles

      elderberry cream.

  • Thursday's menu

    • Zucchini and eggplant tian with

      rosemary and chestnut honey, baby greens and crisp vegetables in a salad.

    • Duo of fish and shellfish with mascarpone cream risotto

      with parmesan reggiano and baby vegetables.

    • or

    • Mascarpone cream risotto (vegetarian)

       with Parmesan Reggiano and vegetables of the moment.

    • Lemon bergamot tart

      white chocolate and lime meringue effect.

  • 3-course menu

  • 2-course menu

  • 3-course veg

  • 2-course veg


Behind the scenes


Goal 1 : Health

Always supported by our specialist in nutrition and health, we favour products that are good for our bodies. Among our favourite ingredients, which you will find in our dishes: aromatic oils and herbs.

The oils : We have a preference for great vintages, for first cold-pressed extractions and for organic quality. Our choice is uncompromising because our brain is made of 80% fat and each of our 60000 billion cells is surrounded by a limb formed for 1/3 of fatty acid. Our skin, this external super-membrane, reflects rather well the state of those inside... and the quality of the oils is not for nothing!

Aromatic herbs : In addition to their therapeutic virtues, aromatic herbs (used since the dawn of time) have an ultra high antioxidant score. Antioxidants are essential to an anti-ageing strategy! Mint, basil, coriander... come from the garden.

Goal 2 : Originality

The flowers : Flowers on the plate are not just a trend, they are also and above all a return to naturalness, a revaluation of a forgotten knowledge. More of them are edible than we imagine. The flower is the essence of the plant, it carries the energy of the plant. Let yourself be surprised, dare to taste!

Goal 3 : Identity

80% of our products are local. They come from our plains, our orchards and our mountains.
We know the producers, market gardeners, fishermen and breeders personally and can certify the origin of the products.